Conmurra Single Tank, Duel Filter Large


Single tank 35 litres
Double filtration
Manual water filling
Your choice of door positioning
Heated (unheated on request)
0 - 40 degree thermostatically controlled
Element protection
Safety switch
Mostly suited to home use and kennels


127cm X 73cm X 105cm

Warranty (from date of purchase)

Hydrobath - 1 Year
Davey Pump - 2 Years
Element - 3 MonthsOther

Information Sheet

Instruction Manual

Comparison Chart

Optional extras that are available:
Drain Tap
Restraining Hook
Colour options
Ramps for older dogs
Black frame and castor set
Aluminium frame with lugs or wheels
Inserts for smaller dogs
Canvas Cover
Grooming tables

If you wish to use a hydrobath for washing dogs door to door please consider the Conmurra Autofill hydrobath, Fidos Deluxe Hydrobath or the Trailer Based Hydrobath as they have dual tanks which allows rinsing and warm water to be available all the time.

The Conmurra SDF Hydrobath has a single tank and dual filter with a by-pass function. This will enable you to prewash the dog and divert the water into a separate drain pipe and then have it expelled out through the drain tap rather than having it go through your wash tank water.

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