Our History

Our History...

Our History dates back to the early 1980's with the advent of Conmurra Hydrobaths. Although a little sketchy the business started out in the state of South Australia before relocating to Queensland where it remains to this day.

Several owners have come and gone and thousands of Hydrobaths have been built, supplied and reworked on. As time passes and new blood enters new ideas, new moulds and even better more improvements are introduced.

One of the previous owners played a big part in the history of Conmurra Hydrobaths. Having owned several of the Conmurra baths the opportunity came about to become a distributor for the brand in the state of Western Australia. Baths where sold, serviced and repaired out the office and home of the then owner Jose who did his best to raise the profile of not only the brand but the importance of rinsing.

Over time Jose went about making several key changes to how the baths worked and together with the then owner produced a series of Hydrobaths our closest competitors could not match.

Conmurra Hyrobaths was the first to design and launch a bath with the first ever by-pass drain hydrobath.

After 6 years of working together as a distributor / supplier Jose went on to purchase the name, intellectual property ands rights to the Conmurra branding, manufacturing processes and systems.

Fibreglassing is a simple process - producing one of Australia's most respected Hydrobaths is a different story. Anyone can build a mould, lay up a bath and even worse set up a shop and sell the end creation but can they match the heritage, developments and intellectual property that is one of our baths?

In December 2007 Hydrobaths Australia, the business name, intellectual property and rights to the Conmurra branding was purchased and moved to the Mavlab warehouse at Slacks Creek where Fido's hydrobaths are made.

Then in December 2010 the Conmurra and Fido's hydrobath manufacturing was purchased by new owners and now operates under the name of "Hydrobaths Australia" at Burpengary, Queensland.

Hydrobaths Australia is proud of its upbringing and heritage and we have all of our past, present and future clients to thank.

Lets us know how we can put our extensive history to work for you.

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