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customerserviceWhat makes an operator successful you may ask? Is it the business plan? Is it the tenacity to succeed or simply the will to make it happen? Every customer we come into contact with is unique and different – consequently every customer has a different goal and motivation.

Listening to our clients pay dividends all roundAt Hydrobaths Australia we believe in listening not hearing and as such we are proud to introduce to you some of our most successful clients – clients who put everything on the line to make their dreams of working for themselves come to life.


Debonair Dogs - Springfield Queensland

debonairdogsNow this story is an amazing example of what can be done if you put your mind to it.

You see Lisa and David operated an amanzingly busy grooming salon from their garage in Springfield Lakes QLD - often working long hours and in some instances late into the night.

Having outgrown their home based business Lisa and David decided to emabrk on an expandsion plan which some say could not be done.

They tracked down a potential salon, negotiated the lease, fitted out the retail shop, salon, wash area and doggy day care and in under 3 weeks had managed to not only relocate but also open up a new chapter in their lives.Pic of the shop at Springfield Lakes QLD

With strong family support, amazing work ethic and ultimately a dedication to succeed Debonair Dogs is definitely an amazing business model and without a doubt of the best grooming establishments we have seen in Australia.

Lisa's business plan works on the idea of concentrating on the specialist clipping and grooming and when coupled to a top end retail supply solution and an amazing pink theme every visit to the concept is both pleasureable as well memorable.

The staff are well trained, the customer always happy andfrom a supplier perspective its good to see such a plan come together.

Congrats guys for pulling it off in record time!


Kalgoorlie Pet Motel – Kalgoorlie Western Australia

kalgoorlie1Often when you ask a customer what they know about Kalgoorlie they often mention the early gold rushes but it is of late that two people have put together and amazing business within our pet industry which in turn has allowed for Kalgoorlie to be represented for something other than the production of a majority of Australia’s gold.

looking out into the property at Kalgoorlie Pet MotelJo and Clyde Jone’s started out in the pet industry with the support of José the current owner of Hydrobaths Australia. You see this story is not so much about a kennel some 600 kilometers out of Perth – rather the will of two people who love their dogs and wanted to spend as much time as possible looking after other people’s pets. Jo and Clyde started out with a limited budget, a hydrobath and some simple Guidance from José.

Over the years the built up their dog wash round to applause of the people of Kalgoorlie. Pretty soon they decided to embark on expanding their ultimate dream – to own a boarding kennel. Why Kalgoorlie one asks? Simple it needed it! Now Jo and Clyde are kind of special – their no nonsense approach to customer service and dedication for their customers is amazing and as these pictures will show happy dogs make for happy customers. Jo and Clyde recently wound down their grooming aspirations to concentrate on their biggest passion the kennels. The signs that a whole town recognises

Hydrobaths Australia strongly believe that there is a Jo and Clyde in all of us just wanting to burst out. From simple beginnings Jo and Clyde are an inspiration to others and if anyone ever wants to consider jumping into their own business then taking a leaf out of their book is a must.Even if you are not inclined to get into you own business straight away then perhaps you could use some encouragement from the efforts undertaken by Jo and Clyde to fast-track your own ideas.


Mad About Dogs

madaboutdogsLiz has always loved dog’s and her dedication to this passion is evident with the launch of her own business dubbed Mad about Dog’s. Liz was like most of us working long hours for someone else in a field that provided a lot of enjoyment however ultimately no real pathway to independence. She made the approach to José and discussed setting up her own business – washing dogs no less. Liz spent a good few months debating every aspect of the business model and even debating several versions of her own business plan.

She assessed franchising and eventually decided to go it alone. What Liz has now is evident of her determination to succeed. Based out of the Hill’s suburbs in Perth Western Australia – Liz services a wide and interesting area offering her end clients everything from dogwashing to walking even retail supplies all from the comfort other air-conditioned Mercedes Van. Liz chose to undergo her training with José and together they embarked on a series of hands on training sessions both theory as well as practical and eventually she had the confidence to hit the road and offer her services. Its almost twelve months since she started and currently her business is booming with repeat bookings, satisfied clients and an ever expanding bunch of dog’s she calls fans. Congrats to Liz for taking the plunge and finally doing something she has always wanted to do.


Bark ‘n’ Mad Dogwash

barkin mad2Long days and often even longer nights took their toll on Dawn as she worked behind the counter as a manager of her local hotel. Customer service is one of those skills she excelled in but ultimately her love of everything canine led her to explore avenues attached to the pet industry. She discussed options with José and decided a professional, well researched business was the answer. Back shot of Dawn's van

Dawn also decided to take on board one of José’s demo Hydrobath vehicles and used this as the basis for her launching pad into the competitive world of dogwashing. 12 months down the track Dawn has a huge customer base of customers willing to pay more than her competition for her services and Dawn’s set up is by far one of the best seen in Perth. Her equipment, presentation, branding and even persona leave others wanting and her customers begging for more. If you could take something from Dawn’s set up it would have to be commitment to a plan. Through thick and thin Dawn has applied just as much as she did whilst employed by someone else.

As anyone will tell you working for one's-self is often loaded with the unknown and it’s the uncertainty of success that has pushed Dawn to make things happen.


Pup’s Mutt’s and Pooches Dog Care

pupsmuttspoochesOdette from the Southern suburbs of Perth was keen on dogs and wanted to get into her own business – after months of deliberation and planning she stumbled across the services offered by José and decided to set up her business model known as Pups Mutts and Pooches. Predominantly aimed at providing one of the best washes on that side of Australia – Odette undertook training, theory and practice with José and eventually launched her dream. Three years on and her round is enormous and well recognized not so much by the zippy little combo she drives but her tenacity and dedication to her end customer – the dog! Odette doing her thing!

She services most suburbs in and around South Lakes and is always booked. Aiming at the top end client base her services are always in demand and referrals are always on the rise. José remembers the day she started and decided to walk her local streets delivering her pamphlets – she rang José all excited because she had not even finished and already her mobile had started ringing with potential clients responding to her flyer.

Looking back those early efforts paid off and now she is in a position to ensure her run works smoothly and with a customer base she wants to work with. Working smarter and not harder has made her dogwash run a pleasure and in no time at all has her efforts paid dividends.At 24 years of age Odette was our youngest customer (Sorry mate – had to say so!) and although nervous still decided dogwashing was something she wanted to do.

After a lot of advice from her father in QLD she decided to embark on her plans and after 4 to 5 weeks of training and equipment familiarisation she hit the road.

Three years down the track and Odette has amassed a group of customers that regard her as more than just the Dogwash lady. Her results and commitment at making her business expand has allowed for excellent growth and a collection of great clients. So much so that her own competitors still cannot work out what it is she does and does so well.When asked if she could have entered the industry in any other way her response was, "no way".


K9 Mobile Beauty Spa

k9 mobileHaving had an intensive love of animals both big and small (she’s a horse fanatic) Cheri embarked on a research campaign in order to get into mobile washing and grooming. Cheri found out about Jose's previous industry experience and ability to trai others and pretty soon was well on the way to launching her very own business.

When discussing her needs with José, Cheri ended up jumping head first into the potential possibilities.You see Cheri was a dedicated employee working long hours for little reward within the confines of Perth's building industry. She grew tired of the stress and decided that working outdoors and for one-self would be the break she needed.branding is all Cheri and she gets great results....

She packed in her job, signed up for one of José’s many solutions and has never looked back.Cheri covers most of Perth's North Eastern Suburbs and offers customers the ability to groom dogs using a door to door service. Her training was intense and having had other family members in the grooming industry she was sure to succeed.

What attracted Cheri to the industry? Well she really liked the idea that a proper system was documented and she could run from day one using an operations manual that would give her an edge over he competition.Having one of the best hydrobaths in Australia means nothing if you don't know how to get the most out of it so she opted for the tuition given through the training provided by Jose.Sure being in business is not easy and Cheri deals with some of the issues with the drive and passion she had with her previous employer only this time the rewards of all the hard work are hers to keep.Well done Cheri you are an inspiration to others!


On Time Dogwash

dog washIf there ever was a person we could attribute to an improvement to the way the Dogwash industry should operate it’s Danny from On time Dogwash.As the name suggests in order to be on time you need to have a business that is disciplined, well researched and well run.

Danny has some awesome managerial skills and an impressive background. His dscision to step out of the rat race and into dogwashing was an easy one.One of the longest running mobile business’s in Perth, Danny continues to run a well oiled machine. His customer base is solid and his services are always in demand – rarely does Danny advertise as most of his work comes from word of mouth – and believe us when we say it his phone will continue to ring with new and potential customers even when he does not advertise.

How did Danny get into the industry? Research! You see Danny found out about José’s industry experience and together they both came up with a solution Danny can proudly call unique and definitely totally independent.

Danny has managed to embrace most of our ideas and principles whilst introducing some of his own ideas all with great effect. He uses cutting edge technology to drive his business, has a great reputation and seldom finishes a week without looking back and wishing he jumped into the industry earlier.

Danny is also an inspiration to others and his persona and larrikin style has allowed him to grow his business exponentially within the last few years.


What about your business…. Don’t dream – do it….you never know one day we may write all about you and your exploits. For a no obligation chat feel free to make contact with the team at Hydrobaths Australia in order to see how we can best assist you and your plans.

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