Hydrobaths Australia are a growing business, and as such, we are continuing to evolve our product line to satisfy our customers.

Please take a browse over our products and be sure to place an order with some lead time, as we may have the product in production, and not on the shelf yet.


Fidos Standard Hydrobath

Fidos Commercial Hydrobath

Fidos Deluxe Hydrobath

Conmurra Single Tank, Dual Filter Large

Conmurra Trailer Based Hydrobath

Conmurra Autofill Hydrobath

Conmurra Midi Hydrobath


Hydrobath Accessories

Alluminium Frame with Lugs

Alluminium Trolly - Conmurra

Alluminium Trolly - Fidos

Canvas Cover

Castor Set - Conmurra

Castor Set - Fidos

Drain Tap

Hydrobath Inset

Hydrobath Insert Half Size

Hydrobath Ramp

Hydrobath Trolly

Restraining Hook

Whelping Box

Grooming Tables

Grooming Table

Drying Solutions

Ezycoat Turbo Hose Model

Ezycoat Dryer

Ezycoat Stand Dryer

Liberty Stand Dryer

Liberty Ultraforce Dryer

Magic Pet Towel

Spare Parts

1800w Element

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